Taiwan Political Exchange

The Taiwan Political Exchange (TAIPEX), operated by a socioecono-physics research group at Institute of Physics of Academia Sinica, is a center for exchanging political futures and options. The futures contracts, issued by the TAIPEX, are traded online at prices which reflect the approval rates of the candidates running for the elections.

The goal of the TAIPEX project is to study the physics of such complex systems as an exchange. Specific aims include characterization of price movement distributions, scaling property and turbulent behavior of price changes, dynamics of price formation, correlation and causality between contract prices, and so on. Political futures designed by the TAIPEX are subject to more restrictions than conventional financial futures. Such constraints mitigate intractability of the problem, offering a promising route toward the objectives.

TAIPEX works as real world financial exchange except that the money is fictitious. To encourage participation, we provide awards for those who achieve high returns in their trades. Please visit our bulletin for latest news. An introduction to political futures/options and their trading can be found in FAQ.

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